Barcode scanner IntuiFace Asset

Before we go down the road of creating a new IntuiFace Asset for our barcode scanner to communicate with an API using .NET libraries written in C#, I wanted to ask if anyone is currently using one that they’ve created that works with Composer 7.0.3.

If no one has done this, then we will keep you posted on our progress and will be providing a custom asset for use with serial devices should you be so lucky as to need it for your project. : )

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Good idea to ask here, “just in case” :wink:

I just shared with you a project I had saved. Give it a try, you may have to change the configuration of your barcode scanner to “Serial mode”, and let me know how it works for you.



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Thanks Seb! I’ll look over it here shortly. Anthony didn’t appear particularly excited when I mentioned the possibility of this new challenge. :smile:

Got it! Thanks very much for sending this over. I will start trying this out next week. I will keep you posted.

I just you a pm :wink:

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Heeeeyyy Seb, so it does seem that the Zebra scanners we are using don’t like to work in serial mode via virtual CDC - they essentially go lifeless for all intents and purposes. Before I go off re-inventing the wheel, I was wondering if you might have a similar library that listens to a chosen device from a list of HID devices?

Hi Anthony @amesa,

I’m sorry but I don’t have such example, I never had to mess with raw HID inputs myself.
The best I can do is send you the source code of the BarcodeScanner (serial port) so you can use it as a template / example, then you’ll have to replace the internal mechanism to handle HID instead of serial.
I’ll send you a pm about that.

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