Automatic Scroll Move

Hi guys,

quick question.
I have on my project more scenes.

When entering in one particular scene with a carusel on it, I want that carusel moves automatically and smootly. I got this and know how to do:

  • when scene entererd --> scroll 100% in 60s

the point is that once the trigger is launched, and I want to scroll my scroll (lol), the trigger is still active then keep moving (till the 60s are elapsed) and contrasts my finger.


Thanks everybody

Hi Paolo!

As discussed today, check the animation made in this sample: Unsplash
You can “stop” an animation by calling a new “move to” action on the current position on the object.

Hi Seb,
thanks, but seems this isn’t working as expected.
The object scroll is a little bit different and I can change it’s offset values (since we are not moving the object itself).
Then I can just trigger it when interactivity detected (and not manipulated) and bind its ‘x’ offset as its ‘x’ offset.
Something still not work.

any other suggestion?

the point is that, even overwriting the trigger ‘Scroll to a point’ with the interactivity, something blocks my scrolls…