Audio Player Interface



I want to make my own audio player design especially the audio timeline. I tried everything but it seems that its not possible, and we are forced to use the composer audio player design which doesn’t fill with our design.

So is it to possible to make our own design and link the audio with it ?

Or is there anyway to convert audio timeline percentages ?

Im thinking of making and object to move for X1 position at 0% of audio and move to X2 Position at 100% of Audio, is this possible ?



Any news ?


Hi @ziadml,
I “Think” that this should be possible, though I’ve not tried it. I would assume you could use the Linear Gauge design accelerator. You’d need to bind the values of the current time and total time of the audio asset to the Current value and Full value of the gauge. You’ll probably need to use a custom converter in the binding somewhere to format the audio’s timing into seconds. That’d be a good place to start for testing at least. Good luck!


I tried what you think, but it didnt work.
If you tired it and worked i would be happy to see the your result.



Hi @ziadml,

What you’ll probably miss a “slider” component to achieve your goal in customizing the audio asset. The linear gauge will let you display the current time of the audio but won’t let you control it with touch.
You can create a kind of slider using the Scroll Collection but I admit it’s not as simple as it should be.


I played around with this today and had mixed results. @Seb is right, you can get a slider and a linear gauge to ‘follow’ the audio’s timeline…but I don’t think there is a way to have the audio timeline ‘follow’ a custom slider. This is because the audio asset doesn’t have a current-time property that can can be bound to a slider. (an asset can be bound to the current time of audio, but the current time cannot be bound to another asset)

So that’s about as far as we can go I believe. If it’s good enough to show a larger progress bar that is not interactive, that can be done. But creating a progress bar that controls the audio asset doesn’t seem available off the shelf.

If you want to try it again yourself, my main advice is when binding the linear gauge, you need to make sure you use the number converter and set it to a value of something like “000”. This is because the audio asset’s timing is in the format of “00:00:00”, so doing this conversion sets the value to a whole number in seconds.

Good luck!


Is there a vote thread for audio and video player controls with a scrub bar? Every exp I’ve ever created needed one.


Thank you alexB for responding to my question

Im satisfied now with binding an asset to the current time of an audio file

What i need to do is the following: I have a design containing and audio file and asset grid of texts of the same script which the VO contains, so the asset grid moves to next text at a certain timecode, The text, the timecodes and VO audio file are binded to an excel file, So all these data are variable.

I need to know how to convert the start of the audio file to 0 value of linear gauge and the end of the audio file to 100 of the linear gauge keeping in mind that the length of the audio file is variable.

Hope you can help

Hi Is it possible to have a customised Video controller skin or How can apply the customized video control designs?

I created a quick video that might help a little bit. It’s not exactly what you’re doing, but it may help point you in the right direction.

It’s a bit difficult to know exactly what you’re doing without seeing it, but keep in mind you can bind the linear gauge either to the excel file or the audio asset. The linear gauge doesn’t need to go from 0 to 100 either, the settings allow you to simple set a current, empty, and full value.

To make things happen according to a certain time, I would play around with one of a couple methods. The two I tend to use are the Comparison Interaface asset, where you can bind two values and set actions for whether they are equal/not equal, etc. Or many times, I will use a toggle button and set the Checked State to bind to something else…in your case the ‘current time’ of an audio file. Then I would set a Math converter on that binding “Is Equal To” and type in the exact time. So when that time hits, it will check the toggle button and trigger my actions. Just a couple methods, but get creative with it.

Here’s the linear gauge video:


Thank you so much, this is what i was looking to do since we cant control the audio timeline from another asset.

This solution is better than nothing.


You’re very welcome!