Audio Asset not working


I’m struggling with the audio asset. I tried to play an audio file (.mp3) with the audio asset but the only thing I see is the loading circle inside the asset. It does’nt work when the file is linked via an excel data sheet, either.

The same thing happens, when I use a different file type like .wav.

To check, if the problem might be rooted to my projects, I’ve opened a blank project, but with the same outcome.

Any ideas how to fix this problem?



One thing to check is to make sure references the correct location of the Audio file, if it works directly then great then you know you have an issue with the referencing

Hi @daniel.steinke,

For such questions, I’d recommend you to directly contact our support team. They may ask you to share your file / experience with them to better investigate what’s going on.



Appreciate youre feedback! Thanks!