ASSETT GRID show catergories

Is there a way to show certain categorys of items from a specific tag and an excel sheet.


Item category amount
Book1 Horror 5
Book2 Horror 3
Book4 Fiction 4

so if i click a button the assett grid will show only Horrors and if i click other will show only Fiction

Hi Louie,

You can easily implement this by using the “Add filter” action from Excel Interface Asset.

I recommend you to download and dig in the Restaurant Menu free sample from the Marketplace. It uses this exact process to filter meals stored in an Excel file, based on their category (dessert, side dishes etc).

Kind regards,



Hi @itslouiegordon,

I’d also recommend you to watch this Webinar recording about connecting an Intuiface experience to external data. You’ll learn everything you need about Excel & filters.

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