Assets Grid-On Selected Item Focused Trigger

hi there ,
I have an Assets Grid ,and When User clicks on an Image ,I want to open another asset grid ( a basic way to perform Navigation from a Category root to a sub category ),
I have seen some earlier posts back to 2016 & 2017 ,but I wonder if you may came up with a solution to the issuse I am targetting .
(assets grid 1 -> user selects an image -> open item with specific index in asset grid 2 ).

that’s pretty simple, add the trigger to the specific image in asset grid 1, that when clicked scrolls to specific index in asset grid 2.


thank you @melvyn_br ,
I have another question , I want to open asset group 2 and hide assets group 1

  1. I made a trigger on the image itself , to hide asset flow and open item asset flow 3
    but now it shows an an image only not the full asset flow and doesn’t hide asset flow