Asset Scroll/ Asset grid scroll to item name via API

Hi, I have an airtable API bring in a set of records for a day that includes date & time and title of topic. I have been able to create the asset grid in the XP, however, based on the time of the day, the XP should scroll to that item. I tried the “scroll to item” but it doesnt seem to bind the scroll to that specific item. For. eg. If you run the XP at 12:00 PM, the asset scroll should scroll automatically to the 12:00 PM entry.

Does anyone have any pointers ?

Here is a screenshot of what I’ve created:


Hi @melvyn_br,

The “scroll to item” will use the actual structure name of the asset, not its content. That mainly works when you do not have a data feed, and your assets are named individually (vs using a data template).

In your scenario, you need to work on the data side (airtable) more than the view (Intuiface collection). I’d look into using the Airtable API filtering mechanism to remove all elements from “the past”, on a regular basis (1 hour, 15 minutes, … depending on your events granularity)


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Thanks Seb, I had a feeling it was tricky to do, I understand its easy to do when you have individual assets in the collection, its just having the data source that causes hiccups.

Just thought I’d ask in case someone had a magic trick hidden up the sleeve :slight_smile: