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Hello, I had a few questions regarding designing a project using the Intuiface Composer using Pdfs in an asset grid.

-I have arranged Pdfs in an asset grid. In preview mode, when a Pdf is clicked to view a larger version, it pops up on the screen in what looks like a random spot. (pdf I click pops up in the bottom left corner, etc.) Is there a way to tell the program to always center a document when it is opened?

-Secondly, is there a way to bevel these Pdfs in the asset grid like the buttons, so that the user will know they are clickable?

-Lastly, is there a way to place captions underneath the Pdfs instead of on top of them? They are a bit hard to read when the text is right over the pdf.

Thank you!!



I hope i can answer your questions:

  • But what you could do is put your PDF documents in a excel database and link the Asset Grid to the data feed of the spreadsheet, Once doing so simply drag a single Document Asset into the Asset Grid and Bind the Document to “Each item of the Rows data feed” Thus displaying all the PDF’s you have mentioned in the excel. Once doing that you can simply drag a Document Asset outside of the Asset Grid and keep that empty. Going back to the Document you have bind to the Data Feed of the Asset Grid you need to put a trigger “WHEN Is tapped” THEN Document > Document > Change document > Bind to “Each item of the Rows data feed”.

Once doing the above when you press the PDF’s in the Asset Grid it will then update the placeholder you have created with the PDF you have selected in the Asset Grid.

  • Question two : There is no option currently to add a bezel or border to the PDF’s because the image which you see in the Asset Grid is a Bitmap which Intuiface converts. But alternatively you could replace the Document with your own image and bind the image to change the document of the placeholder.

  • Question three: You could add a second column to the spreadsheet and name this column “Caption” and then add your reference in the same row as the PDF as mentioned for the file location. Add a Simple Text asset to the data feed of the Asset Grid and bind the Text to “Each item of the Rows data feed” and you should be good to go.