Asset grid without buttons pressed

when i create asset grid with buttons , when scrolling buttons it pressed whil scroll .
is there any method to scroll buttons without pressing then press buttons after scrolling ?

Hello Ahmed,

Indeed, when you create an Asset grid, there are buttons automatically created that will scroll the Grid.
Is that what you mean ?

Can you please explain in details, or maybe with a screenshot or an experience sample what you want to do ?
I’ll be really happy to try to help you.

I need to create horizontal scroll list of toggle buttons . Then I used asset grid to make it . But when scroll the list the buttons which my finger is on it while scroll is pressed and the action is done .
So I want any method to make scroll the list without pressing the button then when scroll is finished I can press the button to make the action .
I hope that I explained it well .

Hello Ahmed,

Here is one way to achieve it :

  • create a Scroll List Asset
  • inside, put a Group containing all your toggle buttons
  • add triggers/actions on your Scroll List like these :
    1. when scroll is being scrolled left to right / toggles visibility to interactivity of Group
    2. when scroll is being scrolled right to left / toggles visibility to interactivity of Group
    3. when scroll is completed / toggles visibility to interactivity of Group

The 1) and 2) will disable interactivity of the group (and all the toggle inside) when you scroll horizontally and no button will be clickable.
The 3) will enable it again once scroll is finished and buttons will be clickable again.

Hope this helps :wink:


Thank you .
It worked will .

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