Asset Grid w/list from excel - how can we "scroll to name"?


I’ve got an asset grid displaying a list of 300 company names from an excel column. I have a legend at the bottom of the screen with all the letters of the alphabet, A thru Z. I’d like for users to be able to tap a letter B, C, D, etc. and have the list scroll to that letter of the alphabet. I tried playing with the “scroll to name” action but there doesn’t seem to be a way to bind individual row data in the excel list to the “Name” property. “scroll to index” works, but there’s no way I would know that, say, index number 123 equals letter “P” in the alphabet.


Hi @paul1

This doesn’t answer your question completely, but you can filter the excel column “Name” (Greater than 'P"). This will show you the first “P” and everything after that in the list.

If you want to scroll the entire list. It’s a little more complicated. You can pull the index number from the first row in the filtered list, un-filter the list and scroll to the index.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, it sounds like your second suggestion might do exactly what I’m looking for.