Asset Grid triggers

Hi I’m new to Intuiface so my apologies if this has already been answered.

I have created a Asset Grid with bespoke left / right buttons. Simple enough so far…

Is it possible to get this component to loop or at the very least hide the left button on start and right button at the end?

Also I have a few static buttons underneath the Asset Grid but I want to control it so they only appear when certain slides are displayed. Is this possible or do they need to be part of the asset grid?

Note: I haven’t imported them through excel. Would this be necessary?

Hi Ben,

It’s not possible to do this simply with an Asset Grid. The Asset Grid is a Collection that doesn’t loop (so far :asterisk: ). I recommend you to use a Carousel tailored with proper size and layout. It will loop, scroll and can be piloted with 2 buttons.
Then, you can add triggers/actions on specific indexes in order to show/hide elements according to the index reached.

I’ve made a small sample you can download here: - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers

:asterisk: I’ve put an asterisk because we have new behaviors for Collection in our roadmap but I can’t provide a release date yet.



Absolute star, thank you Alex! This should suffice for now.

… I do hope the the loop feature will be added to the Asset grid in the near future or at least the ability to flatten the animation of the Carousel to mimic the Asset Grid