Asset Grid Thumbnail and Larger Image

Is there no way to have one excel database that sources an asset grid, but display a thumbnail and a larger image at the same time? a scrolling display, if you will? I’d like to have the traditional vertical display of small images on the left side of the screen, but then for the most part, there rest of the screen is a larger image of the top most thumbnail.

How many images do you have? If it’s not too many, I’d set up multiple triggers on the asset grid so that when “1” is displayed, it changes the image in the “large window” to the same image as “1”. I’ve made the following demo for you.

I just did something similar to this, and I’ve found that the asset flow really works best. Just make sure (like in my demo) you flip the asset flow by 90 degrees to make it “vertical” and then take your thumbnail, turn it -90 degrees, group the thumbnail, THEN put it into the “get data feed from this Excel sheet” yada yada. Good luck!

Hey there Megan! This is a great start. I got it to work, but have a couple questions.

I never know how many images I’m going to have, and I’m also trying to filter by date. I’m sharing my current experience with you.

Why can’t I have two columns, a small and large image, and when the index changes on the left for the small image, that it changes the large image on the right? Instead of numbering the images.


It’s called CF_Entry

You can definitely use one excel database to drive both the images (thumbnail and Main image). Bind both the images to their respective excel columns.

Then create a group of the thumbnail and put it into the excel asset. Instead of using the asset grid, use an asset flow, this will give you the “Move in to position” trigger for that group, which you can then use to change the main image autmatically depending on he index in the thumbnail.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if you face any difficulty, I will put together a quick sample.

However, I think Megan may have already put it together.

Thanks Melvyn,

I don’t understand the Create a group of the thumbnail and put into an excel asset. Can you explain?


Create a new group, put an image into this group. Bind the image property from this group with the thumbnail field in your excel sheet. Let me try and see if I can send you a video

Hiya! I’m going to try to take a look at your XP today and get back to you soon, thanks for the patience. :slight_smile:

Did you find it? Or do I need to share again?

Let me see…

Nope, I selected the “Shared with Me” option to see which XPs are shared, and I don’t see anything. :frowning:

Okay, I’ll share again. What’s the email address I share it too?

Here is the link to the video -

Hope this helps


I’m sorry Melvyn. DENSO blocks google drive. Is this anywhere on the Intuiface support site?

No, I just created that for you… intuiface sets a limit of 10 mb for uploads here… the video is about 30 mb, which is why i could not send it here… can you access dropbox ?

here is the dropbox link Dropbox - Produce.mp4 - Simplify your life


Hi @DLazar,

Let us know if Melvyn’s video answered your needs (the last 30 seconds are the most important step), or if this article that illustrates the same mechanism helps.

If not, don’t hesitate to contact our support team to share more information about your needs and current experience status.

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Thanksm Seb! Appreciate it.