Asset Grid - Tap to open styling options

Hi there,

Been playing with the asset grid for a project - basically I’m creating a timeline (for multiple reasons, the timeline collection doesn’t suit this application) feeding from excel. Each year (template for items) is represented in a group with an image and date. I have the item behavior set to “Tap to open” as I want people to be able to “pop up” each year (and in fact multiple years at a time), resize tiles etc… This works great so far, however I would like the “popped up” version to include some additional text and possibly more images (coming from the same Excel spreadsheet).
Is there a way to control the layout of the popped out state of the Asset Grid item (i.e. display more text, change layout etc.?) dynamically when opened (or hide the additional info when not popped up?
I can overlay a button and trigger a pop up group (styled the way I like), but I’m then limited to one pop up being open at a time…

Hope this makes sense…

Hi @rianapot and welcome to the Intuiface community.

For such questions, I strongly recommend you to contact our support team here directly . They’ll much likely ask you to share your experience with them so they can test it on their side and come back to you in an efficient way.


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