Asset Grid - expansion factor

The Asset Grid Collection has the option to have smaller items towards ends via the expansion factor option.
Is there a way to make it opposite, have bigger items towards ends?



I guess you are referring to the Asset Flow collection. Currently, the expansion factor only let side items to be smaller than the one in focus.
Could you give us more details about your scenario, and maybe some design mock-ups of what you’d like to achieve?



I tried changing to smaller images as the Asset Flow was changed from index to index, but it’s tedious to create and slow to change images. Otherwise, it works fine. I set the Expansion Factor to zero in the Asset Flow and used an image I altered in Photoshop - making the image increasingly smaller on the canvas and saving them as png files with transparency around them.

I’ve found in the past that transparent images can sometimes make up for things I can’t control in Intuiface. Good luck.