Asset collections in scroll collection opens assets in the scroll collection rather than the layer


i want to be able to load assets from an asset collection that I have currently sitting on a scroll collection directly into the scroll collection. I then want to be able to move that asset like I do on a layer. This I think is some core functionality missing from the scroll collection

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Hi @telfordASE,

You might want to explore the solution of putting a Pinboard collection inside your Scroll Collection. This is how you are able to move the cards in the Task board sample.



So I have a moveable group containing an asset collection based on a folder of items from an API that is set up to click to open items at location. If i as this to a pinboard group will the items open in the pinboard group or would the user need to drag it into the pinboard?


The tap to open will always open items on top of everything, so no it won’t go into the pinboard.
What you can do is to use a mechanism when an items is tapped in your Asset Grid, the item is added in a data source (Excel or Shopping List) that feeds the pinboard.