Apple TV / Airplay / Not full screen

I have an iPad Pro with a single screen Intuilab project which I open with my iPad (project was designed at 1920x1080) .

The issue is that the iPad Pro (or any iPad with retina) is NOT 16:9 ratio, which means there are black lines on top and bottom of the project when Airplayed to apple TV (yes, I did play with overscan features, did not help).

Could you please release the Intuilab Player for iPhone Plus? This is the only way I would be able to fix this issue and it would truly help with what we are trying to accomplish since the Plus models are 16:9 ratio.


Hello @diegor thanks for posting. We do not plan to release player for smartphones in the near future. Plus since your experience was designed at a retina resolution this would not solve the problem as the project will still be displayed at the resolution the experience was designed at.

For your project you will need to edit your project settings to change the Display Size of your experience to a 16:9 ratio and then adapt the experience’s design to fit this new display size.

More about project settings here:

Hope this helps.