API usage for trade show badge scanning


Before I start digging through tons of arcane information, does anyone in the community have experience with using trade show APIs and barcode/QRcode badge scanners to initiate a user session? My client wants to avoid the need for visitors to fill out a contact form, while having “liked” items in a session e-mailed to users via e-mail links. Any information or links to resources would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @cullenb,

This is really tied to the tradeshow organization and the API they can provide. I can tell you that we have both customers using barcode scanners (ex: Zebra DS457) with their own API, and US tradeshow organizers using their own API, especially to present conferences schedules on public screens. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any issue to combine both usages.



Thanks, Seb. I’ve used Honeywell scanners in an entirely different context (non-Intuiface) and had a lot of issues. I will look into this model, and I’m glad to hear that others have had success with it.


Don’t hesitate to pm me if and when you get one of these, I have an in-house Interface asset that could help you with this model :wink:


That’s excellent; thank you. I just ordered 2 of them today, and will be integrating them next week. I appreciate your help. I will PM you then.


HI Seb, just wondering; does the scanner bring in a video feed if you’re using a 9-Pin D-Connector to USB cable?


What if Intuiface + webcam would be able to recognize a QR code? Then you may not need a scanner. I found open source code out there that could help, and it might need a dev to implement it. Or even better, create an IA.


@cullenb: the Zebra solution I mentioned will only return the code info, no video feed.

@tosolini: do you have spies in our office? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Feel free to share the open source code you found, I’ll forward it to the product team working on this potential new feature :wink:


Gotcha’ good to know. I had PM’d you last week regarding the asset, btw. Thank you for the information.


Here are a few links:


I am in the midst of setting this up in the experience, and the method I’m using is to have a Home scene set to accept the info from the QR code, which then (I have yet to figure this out) does a GoTo to a Main Menu scene, which is triggered to start a session with an ID set from one of the badge parameters. Re-reading through the Lead Retrieval literature and the API Explorer tomorrow after I give my brain some much needed rest.

Any anecdotes or tips from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Big props go out to Seb for the WIP custom BarcodeScanner IA. Many thanks!