API solution


Is there any solution from Api coming in a near future? Would be amazing to have a solution we could fetch manu data from services around the web

I use a service called https://www.blockspring.com/ it fetch data from the web to excel, but I could not make it work with intuiface I believe because of file format for excel IF uses



Hi Marcelo,

Excellent suggestion. As I pointed out in this post, we are working on soething big in that area to be redy by year’s end. We be providing a Blockspring for IntuiFace ;-).
Meanwhile, we are hungry for any API we can get our hands on to test what we are developing. So please send us the APIs you would want IntuiFace to connect easily to.




i would like to say that i happy that this kind of software like IF is created because is unbelievable mount of options that i have found.

Reason that i am writing here because i had query from client that asked me if I could create API for IF and i can say that we have created that and it is working :wink:

My client was using excel as database for information which includes images,prices,title,descriptions etc…

That all from me :wink:


Just to clarify: Omnivor hired Frano with intention to replace all our excel driven projects with web services and so far we are very happy with provided solution.
We are working on some sort of CMS for our clients so hopefully we will have ready solution quite soon.