API Post request with bpdy square brackets

Hi I’m trying to do a simple API POST call, the problem is I can’t send via IntuiFace the body request because the body requires it to be in square brackets, how can I do it with IntuiFace?

Thank you

Hi @giovanni.nieto and welcome to the Intuiface community.

First of all, for such assistance request, I’d recommend you to contact our support team to get the best assistance and follow-up, rather than our public community.

Regarding your request, I’d have to double check with our team, but I don’t think the API Explorer can handle arrays as a JSON body. One reason is that an array can have an “unlimited” number of items, so Composer can’t know how many fields should be made available as action parameters.

Depending on your project / target platform, the alternative will probably be to create a custom Interface Asset.
If you want to share more (private) information with our team, please open a support ticket and we’ll continue the discussion there.


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