API POST dont update changes on Body

I made changes to the body of my API POST call, tested it and it worked.
I clicked update, but the fields shown in Composer are still out of date.

You mean in composer edit mode? To update this simply refresh the request by editing thr URL and clicking the update button also another thing to try is to show and hide the content which is linked.

@Louie_Smith I already did this days ago, but it didn’t work.
I go to “Edit on API Explorer” change the body parameters “B” and click “Udate Interface Asset”

Now I changed the URL making it invalid and went back to the original URL.
It seems to have worked, but that’s a secret no one knows.
Make it better.

About linked content, there is none as it is a POST method.
I only call it when I want to insert records into Airtable.
Maybe this is the bug that makes it outdated.

It didn’t work anymore. I needed to change the API POST call and it doesn’t update the structure in Composer. New fields added in body “B” do not appear.

I had to close and reopen Composer for the new fields to appear