API Explorer POST Methods Cannot be autorun

When I am going to edit an API call that has input methods like POST, PUT, or DELETE, API Explorer should not auto-execute this on edit entry or every parameter I change.
This inserts trash into my base or spends time trying to run it.

Hi Jhoni,

There’s actually no way the API Explorer could figure out the response (XML / JSON) from a POST / PUT without actually calling the web service.

If you do not want to use API Explorer and its mechanism, you can still use the old manual way described here.


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Alright @Seb
I did not say that the API Explorer should ignore the return.
I said she makes unnecessary calls in edit mode.
This is very annoying to use, because every change or even when you open the screen for editing it ends up messing with my data.
You could simply let the user execute the call manually.
The rest remains the same as it is.