API explorer parameters for Zapier/Instagram display


Does anyone have experience in adding parameters to an Instagram feed through Zapier?
I’m trying to filter by media type, finding te image and neglect the video or carousel_album type of media. I tried to figure it out from the Facebook for developers page, but I am stupid for that kind of language they use there… If anyone has experience or ideas, I’d appreciate that.

Have a nice weekend!


Hi @Zoltan,

Did you contact Zapier support about this? They will probably be able to help you more about this zap connection than us here.


Not yet, I was hoping maybe someone has a trick. I’ll do so. Thanks!


Ok. I got the answer from Zapier. If you have a paid subscription you can create a multi-step trigger, in which you can add a Zapier filter that does the filtering for you…

Hope this can help to someone!