API Explorer ---> Excel Database


It would be nice if you could take the results from an API Explorer call and populate and Excel database.

We are working on a project with search capabilities. It would be great if instead of hitting an API every time, the data could get pulled down once per day and placed in a excel file. That way we could just filter the data based on entered text. It would make things a bit more snappy.


Hi Michael,

If I try to rephrase your need, it looks like you would like to have the same filtering / sorting capabilities IntuiFace currently has with Excel-based feeds on all the REST-based feeds, doing these actions on a “local cache” of the last retrieved data.
This is an already identified enhancement but I don’t have any release date to communicate about this one.

The other solution could be for you to directly import your data in an Excel file, using Excel capabilities.



Yes, that would do it. I’m looking forward to that enhancement.