Announcing: New Player platform! - BrightSign

Today is an exciting day for Intuiface! We are thrilled to unveil support for the most commonly requested digital signage media player on the market.

Introducing: Player on BrightSign

Joint press release here:
BrightSign press release for ISE 2020:

General availability is expected before the end of February, but those attending ISE‌ 2020 can see live demos of Player on BrightSign in our booth, Booth 8-C353.

BrightSign, our seventh Player-supported platform, is the global market leader in its space with over 1M devices currently deployed worldwide. They’re known for cost-effective reliability and ease of maintenance. We can now say they’re also known for their Intuiface support. :slight_smile:

Although providers of their own CMS for signage content creation and distribution, BrightSign has been particularly effective at attracting third party signage vendors to run on their platform as well. These 20+ CMS platforms are equally skilled at traditional, non-interactive signage but poorly equipped to facilitate interactive content delivery and, thus, analytics. This makes Intuiface the sole BrightSign-supported platform dedicated to digitally transforming the physical space, to investing on-premises signage with levels of personalization and engagement rivaling anything found on mobile devices or the web.

Player on BrightSign offers everything you can expect from Player, and even adds a bonus capability. Features include:

  • Support for remote experience deployment and Player monitoring
  • Data collection for Intuiface Analytics
  • Integration with cloud- and locally-hosted data sources, business logic, and devices
  • Plug-and-play support for Nexmosphere sensors and actuators (btw, our support is both easier to use and more powerful than the preexisting integration between BrightSign and Nexmosphere)
  • Both online and offline playback
  • All supported interactive options including, of course, touch.
  • (bonus!)‌ Provisioning of Player software to in-the-field BrightSign devices using Control Cloud

This is a nice surprise, huh? :slight_smile: