Announcing Intuiface version 6.3

Announcing Intuiface version 6.3


So we’ve changed our name and look but is that all we present this summer? No, there’s more! A lot more actually. We still have a cherished product to nurture and grow and we don’t stop making Intuiface better.

So what’s new and improved? Here are some of the stand-out developments with this release:

LG webOS Support
Intuiface becomes the only multi-touch option for LGs webOS-based smart displays.

New Share & Deploy API
Pull information about all active Players and published experiences using any UI tied to our Share & Deploy API.

Intuiface Cloud infrastructure Status Page
View the status of all Intuiface cloud-hosted services using our well-named Intuiface Cloud Infrastructure Status page.

Accelerated Share & Deploy Console
We’ve achieved better scale and speed regardless of how many Players or experiences. Plus more info is on display.

On-screen Color Picker
Our on-screen color picker enables you to grab a color from any visible digital asset and use it in your experience.

Simplified Player Licensing
Use a single account-specific credential key to license any number of Players. No logging in, no keys to remember.

Here, you can find a few more goodies plus some additional detail.

Thank you everyone for using Intuiface!