Annotate Document Asset


Is there a way to annotate/draw on other assets than Image? I’d need to do this with PDF files. Or are there any tricks that allow to do it in a not so direct way?


Hi @gnagy,

This isn’t possible at the moment. I invite you to create a new thread in the wishlist category for this.



Just in case… One can associate the drawing tool with the scene as a whole. When this is done, you could annotate/draw on any asset - and any collection and anything else in an experience. Consider this a "not so direct way’. What you can’t do is limit your drawing to the confines of a specific document, video, etc.The drawing tool at the scene level will not differentiate between any items on the screen. For example, a drawing tool snapshot would be of the entire screen.


OK, thanks for the hint. Yes it could be a solution for now.


Hi @gnagy,

You can also check this support thread where we talk about drawing on a transparent image. You could even imagine having as many images as pages in your document, and hide / show them depending on the page currently viewed.