Animated Objects

Hello all, getting back to building XP’s for our space after a long absence.

  • Wondering how to animate objects so they move from point A to point B and then C etc.

  • The idea is to have an attractor loop of several videos and/or images that play while moving slowly around the screen.

Any way to randomize it like a screen saver?

Hi Edward @EAR and welcome back!

Some leads that might interest you.

To move an Asset, you have a list of actions that modify Position, Size and Orientation here and you can use them in combination of Animations principles.

In order to move elements randomly, you can use a Random Number Generator Interface Asset in order to generate a random X and Y coordinates, then uses them as a binding in your animation.

You may also want to check Conditional Triggers for generating “smart” X/Y values. If you want to be sure to create some movement, if an object is the second right half of the screen, generate coordinates that will be in the first left half.

Kind regards,



Alex, thanks for the responses. I guess I was hoping for a more elegant way to animate objects like a rudimentary animation module that uses keyframes.