Animated gifs and performance

I´m trying to create a matrix of a few animated gif toggle buttons (5) in a simple layout that I want to interact with, with a few triggers. They range from 300kb to 900kb but intuiface seems unable to present them without terrible lag. I´m on a machine built for graphics work but I can´t get even the simplest animations to run smoothly. Are there any alternatives I´m missing?

Hi @mark.berge

I think you may refer to the Experience you shared with me in preparation of our incoming 1:1 consulting session next month.

If that’s the case, there might be several other reasons for the decreasing performance. Among them, the size of your Image Assets (for instance, you have an Image Asset with size 740x130 using a logo image which is 14000x2500) or the number of elements per scene.

Note that having several HTML Frames or PDF Assets on the same scene is very consuming, I recommend you to check this article explaining what we call in-house “Master-Detail” pattern.

The point is to store all the data that have a common layout/display/UI in an Excel file then, upon selection, fill a single “detail page” on the scene with this data.

It means that instead of having 10 “statics” elements, like buttons, opening 10 different HTML Frames ( using show/hide), you will have:

  • a list of records in Excel
  • a collection created from that Excel, with Excel Interface Asset
  • thanks to the Template mechanic, a single trigger/action
  • that action will be to populate a placeholder (for instance a unique HTML Frame Asset, no need to have 10 anymore)

This is a very handy and powerful pattern, you can see it in action in the free sample Steel Frame Collection from our Marketplace.

This webinar may also be very helpful: Connect your Intuiface Experience to External Data using Excel and APIs.

GIF may degrade your performances, but after investigation, I think you may save some resources elsewhere. I’ll be glad to go into details and demo when we will meet for the consulting session. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to open a ticket on Support if you need.

Kind regards,