Animate a dotted line between items

Does anybody know of a way to animate a dotted line going from one item to another? I want to “connect” two items with a dotted line, but would love for it to animate from the first item to the second item.


Hi Jared,

A way to accomplish this is to create a Group with several Rectangles in it.

You can select all the Rectangles and click Distribute spacing horizontally to get them even.
Put that Group of Rectangles into a Scroll Group
Move the Group of Rectangles to one side of the Scroll Group, whatever side you want the line to start from.
Setup a Trigger to Scroll to left/right boundary.

In the Timing and Animation menu you can adjust how long the scroll takes.

You might need to do some tweaks to get it to your liking.
Once you have it the way you like, you can Create a Design Accelerator that way you can use it again.



Show, Offset, Hide, Duplicate is another way


I also know that some Intuiface users went a step beyond that and developed a custom Interface Asset to handle the logic behind a dotted line represented with Rectangle Shape assets. I can’t give their name and even less share their work, but I’ve seen it myself so I know it’s doable.

Lots of options for you @Jroman7 from the most manual to the most automated ones :slight_smile:

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