Analytics issue

Hi everyone!

I ran into an issue with analytics, hopefully someone can tell me what I do wrong.

So, I made custom sessions in my experience because I use one scene only with a lot of layers show/hide each other based on menu activity. So I set my sessions like, once a toggle menu button is checked start a session (which I gave an ID) and once that button is unchecked finish the session. These toggle menu buttons are in a toggle groups, so they do the unchecking for each other nicely. BUT, when I build my chart in Analytics, no matter how I test each menu selected for long seconds, it doesn’t show me the realistic results… I share a screenshot to make it easier.
I spend in each session time but it shows only one session, the others are on 0.

Thank you in advance.


I think I solved it, with a 0.2 delay set to the “start new session” action. So the stop session and start session actions are not triggered at the same moment.

Hello Zoltan,

From what you described you will want to include an action to Log Event on your triggers, this is described in the Using the Data Tracking Asset help article. Look at the Manually Logging an Event section.

If you have any other questions, you should contact our support team directly.
Please don’t hesitate to provide any details in the ticket, like running on Player or Composer, which version, on which OS etc. and share your experience with


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Thanks Ryan, it seems to work fine now with this little adjustment I made. If I face trouble again I’ll contact support directly.


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