Analytics and outbound emails without internet connectivity on a Samsung tablet

I know that all analytics and outbound emails from an experience running on a PC are cached when there is no internet connectivity, and that the data and emails are sent out once connectivity has been re-established.

Does this same functionality apply to tablets? I would assume the answer to be yes, but I wanted to check to ensure that I am making a correct assumption here.

Hello @cullenb,

Regarding analytics: Without an Internet connection, data points are stored locally - on the device running Composer or Player - until an Internet connection is reestablished. The only limits on this would be hard drive space and number of data points available on your account.

Regarding outbound emails: For Premier and Enterprise-level accounts, on all supported platforms, Intuiface Composer and Player will cache emails on the local device if no Internet connection is present. This applies to both the hosted and configurable email options.

Reattempts to send cached emails are made every 30 seconds and there is no limit on the number of attempts. As long as storage space remains on the device, an increasing number of emails - with or without attachments - will be cached in anticipation of an Internet connection.

For Essential-level accounts, a single attempt is made to send an email. If the attempt fails - e.g. due to an absent Internet connection - a reattempt will not occur.


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Thanks, Ryan. Sorry it’s taken me this long to reply. I was fairly certain it worked this way, but I really appreciate the solid confirmation on the details.

We had a tablet running an experience at a show without WiFi. Once the client got back to their office, connected to WiFi there, and started the experience, all of the data showed up in the Excel data points export.

What made me nervous was the fact that there was a week between the show and when they charged and powered up the tablet again. I had posted this before they had plugged in the tablet.

I want to thank everyone at IntuiFace for making a solid product that works well on a tablet and delivers data as promised. Our client was very impressed.