An onclose trigger

I really want to be able to do something when an item is closed but cant find a trigger for it


It’s true the close trigger does not exist at the moment. Have you considered using the “is hidden” trigger instead and instead of closing an item you would hide./show it?

Actually, the default “Close button” available in the container behavior properties is calling the hide action, so as Chloe mentioned, the is hidden trigger seems to be the one you are looking for.

unfortunately it would appear that the is hidden trigger doesn’t show on items opened from a folder collection which is what I am doing. It would appear as though there is some pretty serious limitations to opening from a folder collection which really should be resolved

Hi @telfordASE,

Could you tell us more about your full scenario? I think we miss some context here, but you’re right about the fact you can’t add a trigger on an asset which doesn’t exist at edit time, like the ones created with the “tap to open”.

Ok, so I have an experience that I am looking at running in a lobby and where people can load up files to browse from a collection that is the content in a given folder. I have added a share via email button that adds all open documents to the share queue and sends an email to address entered. Right now as files are opened they add themselves to the share queue and now I want to remove them from the queue when closed. I don’t want to just playing with the queue remoce, I want it to be more intuitive. Thoughts?

The significantly limited opening from folders feature and to be a recurring theme for me as very few things seem to be possible which is a real frustration