Alternative solution of airtable and Handless CMS

Hi there,
Good Morning.

My name is Pinal and I am working as an software developer intern in Promultis Ltd UK. This is My first comment on intuiface community and I hope I will get my answer.

I am finding alternative solution of airtable. I know Handless CMS is best alternative of airtable but if you know any other option then let me know.


Hello and Welcome @pinal.mayani,

We recommend Airtable and the Headless CMS because there is built in implementation.

You could also use any other CMS that has an API, most do. To do this you would utilize the API Explorer, here is more information on how to do this.

Is there a functionality that you want to use that isn’t available in Airtable or our Headless CMS?


Hi Pinal, I think Louie too works in Promultis UK… he maybe able to help you.

Hi Melvyn,
Happy to connect with you.
Louie has joined Intuiface as a Customer success Manager. He suggested to me some database and I think I got my solution.