Alternating Colors from database binding

Does anybody know of a way to alternate the background color of an asset in a collection bound to an excel table?

I can store a hex value in the database and use it, but I would like to do something like row_number mod 2, if result is 0 use black if 1 use white? or something like that.

Can’t think of a simple way to do this. If not, I think i’ll add it to the wishlist.

Yes this can be achieved, You would need to put the hex codes in two columns and then have a rectangle as the background and bind the next codes to the colour of the back ground and have a trigger in place so that when is pressed change background colour.

Hope this helps


Thank you for your reply.

But is there anyway to change the background color without storing the hex code in the database? So odd rows are one color and even rows are a different color.

I don’t want the end customer to add a hex field in excel when they add a new entry.

Well you could set invisible buttons for example 10. and set the colours so when pressed they change the background colour perhaps and then all you have to do is set the visibility to True in the excel sheet.

If you could upload your XP we could try and help you out.

Kind Regrds