Allow Users to select experience

I work in an archives and we have created a number of exhibits/experience but only have one device to play them on. Is there a way through buttons to allow a user to start and switch between experiences. They are currently different experiences but through triggers I can’t seem to figure out a way switch between experiences. Is my only option to combine all the experiences into one and navigate within one experience?

You can add a trigger to a button for it to switch to a new experience by the following.

Its located under the Action Target under scene structure.

Hope this helps.


I’m not sure this would answer Larissa’s need since this feature will let you send actions to a remote experience, not switch the current running experience.

Hi @larissa_krayer,

IntuiFace currently doesn’t propose a way to “switch between experiences” within a Player. There are 2 options for you:

  • In experience A, use the Launch application to launch another instance of Player with the experience B, then use the Exit action in Experience A to quit it.
  • As you thought, merge your different experiences into a single one, which will result in the best transition time between one and another (no need to launch a new player).


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Thanks! I didn’t think the remote experience was what I needed as when I read the instructions it seemed like you needed two devices. Guess I’ll start to merge the two and in the future build new exhibits within the same experience.

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