Airtable trigger?


Is it possible to have a trigger based on data from airtable. What I’m looking to do is if a box is filled with “Go” than it would change to scene 2.

Is that possible?

Trigger Airtable

Hi David,

A trigger is like an event and needs something to happen to be raised, like a value changed trigger.
A solution is to bind a Global Variable to your Airtable value and use its Output value equals trigger.



I think I’m on the right path. Question is can the Global Variable be from airtable. What I really need to do is be able to change a scene from the phone running airtable. I’m very new to all of this sorry.


This is what I have done so far. I have bind the airtable to the global variable. However I can get anything to trigger. I have tried almost every trigger and can not get it to change scenes. I would love to figure this out. Thanks so much for the help.




The reason is that for the data to “come down from Airtable to IntuiFace”, you need to call the Refresh action on your Airtable Interface Asset.
You could have a timer calling this action every xx seconds / minutes or wait for our future web trigger mechanism.