Airtable - Null Value

Hi Guys,

We are working on a basic user table for an experience to achieve a “logged in state” to an experience.

I’ve done some testing using excel which works fine for example

  1. User enters their email address
  2. Once the email address field loses focus a filter is applied to the excel sheet in the email_address column
  3. If the email address is found in row 1 then a popup comes up saying the user is registered
  4. If the value of Number of Rows = 0 once the filter is applied then a new row is added to the excel sheet and the new user is added

This works perfectly with excel. Now I’m trying to port the entire thing into airtable so we can have multiple locations sharing it. Airtable doesn’t have number of rows as a field that is returned in order to create a binding.

I tried just linking it to a field and then creating an IF statement for an empty value but this didn;t work (and didn;t work for excel either). So I’m guessing if a filter in excel or airtable returns no value intuiface doesn’t register anything at all?

The knowledge base around null value for a filter says to use number of rows as the binding. Is there anything similar or a known workaround for air table?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ben1,

We currently don’t have this “row count” property for arrays coming from a REST API. It’s in the roadmap to add such a property but I don’t have any release date to communicate about this.
So far, we could rely on the API itself to provide such an information, which is quite common although not implemented by Airtable.
You could maybe post on their forums and request that they add this property in the API responses?


Thanks Seb. Can you think of any workaround?

I’ve tried using a global variable that concatenates a value from the first row on the table e.g. Filter airtable returns no results so the value of emailaddress+null should just equal null…Problem is that the concatentate doesn;t get triggered unless airtable returns a value.

Any other suggestions for a workaround?

Actually, if you bind a Global Variable to the first item ID property, this value will be empty if you have no results. You can then use the value equals trigger with an empty parameter to detect this “no results” situation.

Thank seb that worked. Seems a long way around. Why when i do an if statement on another asset it doesn;t work. EG. IF Global Variable Value = empty then show x item. In this method I’ve had to create 2 global variables 1 to create the comparitor binding then another to say that the value is NULL.

Anyway, glad its working!.

Thanks again