AI X-Ray Viewer: Exploring AI-Enhanced Videos

AI X-Ray

This interactive prototype demonstrates the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in video processing. The prototype consists of two concurrent video layers.

  • The background layer displays videos processed with AI algorithms to apply various effects such as black & white charcoal, watercolor painting, and colorful claymation.
  • The foreground layer contains a movable square that functions as an ‘x-ray’ viewer. This square displays the original, unprocessed video, allowing users to compare it to the AI-processed background. Both videos are synchronized and users can select the desired AI effect for the background video.

How It Is Done

First, I recorded a short video of myself using my iPhone. Next, I downloaded the iOS app RunwayML, which provides generative AI video tools for transforming videos with special effects. Using RunwayML, I created three different variations of the video, each with a duration of 3 seconds—the maximum length allowed by the app’s free trial.

With the video assets prepared, I opened Intuiface and utilized a Design Accelerator called Visual Effects.


I then dragged and dropped the X-Ray component onto the page and replaced the image placeholders with video players.

To enhance the user experience, I created a simple menu that allows users to swap between the AI-processed videos. Additionally, I used ChatGPT to assist in crafting a compelling description for this post :smiley:.

Download the prototype (15MB)


Can you remind me how many years ago YOU contributed to create this Visual Effects design accelerators bundle?
Brilliant to re-use them with these modern topics and use cases, I love it!

@seb glad you like it :slight_smile: I think it was ~2016 when those Visual Effects were first conceived


Brilliant as always @tosolini :star_struck:

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