Agenda for this week's Q&A LIVE on 2-May

Our agenda is locked in for this Thursday’s Q&A LIVE. Join myself, @Seb - and special guest @rdriscoll from Tech Support! - as we demo and discuss the following topics:

  • An introduction to the new Headless CMS trigger for synchronization progress. We’ll use it in the next agenda item.
  • Best practices for Headless CMS base synchronization while an experience is running. The goal is to protect your audience from using an experience while base synchronization occurs.
  • Introduction to another new feature: the ability to change the geographic region used to store media in a Headless CMS base.
  • Deep dive into how to capture and handle errors returned by APIs accessed through interface assets.
  • Debug approach when multiple actions in response to a trigger fail to achieve their goal. We’ve also got a recommended design technique!

Registration is here: Live Webinar: Q&A LIVE - Spring Edition 2024 | Intuiface

Bring your thinking cap and your questions!

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