Advice for upcoming Tradeshow Booth options

Hello! Our CEO has asked if we could build a touchscreen based experience for an upcoming tradeshow which will be relatively simple, selecting from a short list of 4-5 videos to showcase our company’s educational service/product experience in between the live presentations that will be given every hour at a forthcoming tradeshow.

I have iPad kiosk stands and larger columns to support touchscreen monitors both in my spec sheet right now, and am balancing the two against each other. This software looks like a promising foundation to build this around, as it supports both of these options. We will be deploying the touchscreen experience at 2-3 corners of our booth (we will have a 20’x20’ booth layout at the corner of one of the walkways so exposed on the front and side).

My questions for the community are as follows:
I see LG has several options for Touchscreen Monitors/TV’s (integrated touch panel into the device). However at 55" for the smaller options, I’m curious what other options there are in the market that will be well supported by this software and potentially smaller/lighter weight and yet robust and trustworthy?
How much difference is there between the integrated monitor/tv/touchscreen experience and an iPad deployment? Ie, should I choose both options (iPads supporting only 1-2 screens) will this be simple or add more time to development & deployment?
I don’t imagine that designing a simple interface to play 5 videos will be incredibly time consuming, but are my expectations here a reality with this software?
Our CEO seems to have headphones in her vision to hear the audio, my concerns here are durability and the ability to tie this to the display stand without concerns about the stand potentially being tipped over or headphones destroyed by accidents.

Tradeshow is May 5th, and we have plenty of experience in our field, a video production department, programmers on staff and I have past experience designing tradeshows with custom software. However I’d like to do as much of this myself as possible, which is why this software seems of interest for this project.

Appreciate any input this community can give!

Hi, reading from your description gets a little confusing, I see you’ve outlined a few different points, lets try touching them one at a time:

  1. Hardware - all windows, iOS, and other signage platforms like LG webOs, chromeOs & samsun SSP support this. However, you need to note that intuiface has best compatibility with windows.

  2. Licensing - you need a license for each device that will run your presentation, regarding costs, for the cost of a single windows PC license, you can get a pack of 10 ipad/ tablet licenses. So if your presentation is not to heavy, you can consider ipad deployment as then you can have 10 devices running your presentation.

  3. Presentation - if you are running one video at a time, then that is fine for the ipad, however, if more than one video needs to run at the same time, the you cannot use an ipad, windows allows running more than one video at a time, not the ipad.

I think the experts here may be able to point out something more

Thank you, apologies for the confusing post was trying to be as brief as possible but still touch on the information I’m currently gathering.

  1. Hardware would be iOS or LG’s WebOS (perhaps Samsung SSSP?–haven’t looked into this yet in regards to this deployment). The main issue with LG is that I’m looking for a screen size smaller than 55" that is still integrated and easily deployed, as that requires a much sturdier deployment for each support column.

  2. Good point on licensing, I had been under the impression from what I have read so far on the main marketing site for Intuiface that the development license was all that would be necessary. Since I haven’t yet tried deploying this to a device., I was unaware that each playback device would work under the player.

  3. This will be 1 video at a time, with a central ‘starting’ screen to choose video from. Time permitting, I may increase the central starting screen to a looping presentation which can be interrupted at any point to return to the video selection.

I suppose lack of clarity comes from the fact that I’m looking for feedback from people who have experience deploying hardware at tradeshows and other high traffic areas so that I can cover things I have not yet thought of without having to learn the hard way (from experience), in addition to the issues that I posed. Thank you again for any responses.

Spent some time on a call today with the Intuiface sales team digging in on the points that they can cover. Have clarified how licensing works, what platforms are supported (they are agnostic though in the technical notes information more specific to each will be present) and so I think I’m good there.

Any advice from those with experience at deploying this at tradeshows is still appreciated.

We’ve deployed at multiple tradeshows, both windows PC’s and ipads, so its not that hard If you have a proper presentation that works properly cross platform, deployment on different devices is really not a problem.

Thank you for your input melvyn.