Adobe Flash end of support on December 31, 2020

As Intuiface is working on Flash Player and Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020, Can we have any alternative of the Flash player? FYI kindly find the link


Intuiface does not run on Adobe Flash, so no worries there.
Among the assets, we do have an Flash Animation asset, not used by a lot of Intuiface users, which probably will see the end of its life, maybe :slight_smile:

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Hello Seb,
Thank you for the answer, but Intuiface publishing .exe file to share the project. And .exe is flash-based, right? So after 2020 what will be the file extension to share the project. If we can have a quick call on Microsoft Teams to get a better understanding from you that will largely help us.


If I understood correctly, you’re referring to the executable the user sees when you share an experience using a public URL.

This is an .exe file on Windows, a standard executable one, not related to Flash. Nothing will change when Flash will be discontinued.




Does this mean that Flash will no longer be required in order to download and run Player? Currently, my clients are having to download and install Flash and are asking whether their experiences will run properly a year from now.

Flash is not required to download and run Player. It has never been and will never be.

When installing Player, a pop-up would ask if Flash should be installed, in case the experience that will be played by this Player were using Flash Animation assets. This is the only asset that requires Flash to be installed.


Thank you for the clarification. That is good to know. I think the pop-up sparked the assumption that it was necessary, though I never use Flash Animation when I create experiences.