Admobilize API

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone used Admobilize API on the composer before?


I think you might be interested in Quividi there is currently an Interface Asset already built which does a similar if not the same thing as what Admobilize does…

But there is nothing stopping you trying the API using the API explorer.

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Thank you for the information I will give it try with API first.

HI @ugur,

I’m the one in contact with the AdMobilize team. We don’t have an off-the-shelf integration with them as we have with Quividi, but you should be able to do some things through the API Explorer already. If not, you’ll have to create your own Interface Asset to handle their API / SDK

On that topic (computer vision / audience measurement), stay tuned on our #announcements, you might see something coming next week :wink:

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The IA you showed at ISE by anychance :wink:?

Maybe :wink:

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