Adding images to Email sharing Que, to send as email (not from a snapshot)


Hi, I am having difficulty being able to send an image as an attachment in an email.

What i’d like to do, is have a “send email” button, which will have the image in question attached to be able to send to any specified address. Right now i’m having problems with adding this image to the “Share via Email” sharing que.

Instead of the normal “snapshot” functionality that takes an image of the scene, I am using Launch Application as an action and executing a third party command line function that allows me to be able to capture the entire background with a screenshot (not just a snapshot of the actual scene itself)

The problem with this is, I can’t figure out how to store an image that goes into the Camera Roll Folder into the sharing que that will allow me to send an email with the attachment. Here is a layout of my current project with the Camera Roll in scope:

Any ideas on how to solve this problem, and place these images in the sharing que to be able to send as an email attachment is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi, you can achieve this by adding the image and the add to email button as a group. Then bind the image to the source. For. eg. if you’re using excel, the image will bind to the file path specified in that excel. Since this image and the add to email button are in the same group, in the asset flow, each group will consist of 1 image and the add to email button, the email button then is triggered to add a snapshot of its specific image to the email cart.

Dont use a launch application, it will only confuse things as the launch app will take a screenshot of the entire screen, the above method should help you achieve what you want


Hi @brookspatola,

Did you see my answer here. This should answer your question.