Add Z-Axis in Camera Properties for 3D Models

In the camera properties for 3D models, there are options to rotate on the X and Y axis, but not on the Z axis. It is almost impossible to get our models in the correct orientation without being able to adjust the Z axis.

The pinching in/out gesture on screen should enable a zoom, wouldn’t this be equivalent to change the Z-Axis ?

Hi @zglass,

did you try to play with the Model Orientation properties of the te 3D Model Asset ?

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You can pinch and zoom once you are interacting with the model, but I need to be able to set how the model looks when someone opens the scene.

I have tried the model orientation properties, but it only rotates to four set positions, 0, 90, 180, 270. I’m looking for finer control like we have on the X rotation and Y rotation and zoom level under the camera properties.