Add trigger to scrollbar behaviour?

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is fine!

Someone might know hoe to solve this not terrible but a wee bit annoying phenomenon…

I set my text box to scroll when overflow, right? And the long text added will become scrollable. This works beautifully. However, I use this text box on a sort of catalogue page which draws data from an excel sheet. Someone clicks on an item and this pops up with the text box populated with the text which belongs to that item. When I close this and I click on another item, the catalogue page reappears with the respected content, but the scrollbar doesn’t go back to default position (to the top of the text).

I haven’t find any possibility to trigger this or any settings amongst the text box settings which would control this behaviour.

Does anyone have any idea?

Thank you!

Hi @Zoltan,

I confirm this issue can be annoying.
I’ve notified our Product Team about it but meanwhile, you can use the following workaround:

  • create a Text Asset somewhere out of your scene
  • set the value of text for this asset to Scrollbars
  • create a binding between your other long description Text Asset Overflow behavior Property (see below) and the Text Property of the Text Asset you created before

The trick to reset the Overflow behavior is to have 2 consecutive actions that will switch the value of the Text Property of the Text Asset to Clip, then to Scrollbars again, it will redraw the scroll and put it at the top again.

Not the most elegant I agree, but it works and should help until this is fixed :wink:

I’m attaching a Sample Experience to this message so you can see it in action.
If you alternate between buttons 1 to 5 at top, you will be able to reproduce the issue by moving the scrollbar. Then you will be able to see the fix by pressing the 2 buttons Set Clip then Set Scrollbars. (6.2 MB)




Dear Alex,

As always, you are amazing! Thank you very much!
Elegant or not, if it works and the user doesn’t notice anything, I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for being always this kind and helpful! :v: :muscle: