Add Scroll Bar property to Text Assets

Recently I created an XP that contained an Excel IA with 1000+ entries that included a field with a description of the item being displayed. That text was dynamically displayed on a text asset depending on the user’ selection. It would have solve a lot of issues just having the ability to add a scroll bar to the text asset, so I could keep the container box the same size always without worrying if it’s big enough to display the whole text.

So, the idea is to have a checkbox property in the Text Asset to enable/disable a scroll bar for text in the container.

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This would be a great improvement. Or to have a check box in the Text asset properties “Allow Overflow Scrolling”. Which could show a scrollbar only if the text overflowed the container.

As of right now, for Excel, I believe scrolling text can be accomplished by placing your text asset into an asset grid, inside of your excel data feed group. Instead of simply having a text asset bound to the excel doc. I’ve done this before, and I know somewhere in the forum or documentation is explains more details of this. I honestly forget where I found it though.

This is an old post but I’m reviving the topic!

There is a workaround for creating scrollable texts now. The trick is to use the scroll collection.
This article explains how to do this:

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