Add "On Hold" Trigger for Buttons

Weird that this hasn’t been suggested before!

Imagine how cool it would be for buttons to have a new trigger called “One Hold”. Which means, whenever a person holds a button down, it will do something.

The use-cases for this are very broad. But here’s a few:

  • Hold a button down to auto-scroll a collection
  • Hold a button as part of a game - to move an object, character, etc.
  • Hold a button down to increase/decrease volume
  • Hold a button to scroll a parallax scene with the scroll collection
  • Hold a button to flip through pages of a PDF

For the actions, you’d need to define what is happening, rate of the change, and limits. For example, hold a button down to increase volume by .1 every .5 sec.until vol level 1.

Help me vote this up!

  • YES, add an “On Hold” trigger to buttons!
  • Nah don’t need.

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Hi Alex,

Until this idea gets some love (votes) and we add this to our roadmap, here is a quick way to implement this behavior today.

  • Add a dummy asset (ex: empty image asset) outside of your scene
    • Add a Timer trigger, 0.2 seconds (adjust that timing to your liking), that calls your desired action (ex: “add one” to a counter)
    • Hide that asset
  • On your “button to hold”, add
    • an “Is Pressed” trigger that shows that dummy assets
    • an “Is Released” trigger that hides that dummy assets

And voilà!