Add loading screen to 3D model


Hey, i’m having a hard time with my 3D models. I’m using 10 3DS models on (1 on it’s own individual screen). They are slowing down the loading of each screen. It would be fine if there was a loading screen before the 3D model appears…but I cant make that happen. It’s just a blank screen until the model appears.

Any thoughts on how to help the loading process?



You can create your own loading screen using triggers an actions giving the model time to load in the background. The trick is to set opacity 0 on the model and use a timer trigger to set the opacity back to 1. Using the opacity property on the model instead of show/hide will allow the model to load while being invisible.

Please let me know if you need more details.

We are currently working on improving 3D model rendering in the Web Browser asset, could you please provide us some of your 3D models for our internal tests?