Add Excel sheet

What is the correct work flow to add or remove worksheets to an existing Excel file used as an IA?

I have been able to do this before, but am having trouble now. I am getting the please close the Excel file error in composer.

I have tried to add to the Excel file while in Composer, add to the Excel file with Composer closed, modify a copy of the Excel file and overwrite the original… Nothing seems to work right now.

Hi Hootie,

For this specific issue you are encountering I would recommend to open a support ticket.

I have had this before. But not known the cause I had to keep saving and applying the excel file multiple times and then IF finally knows its been updated.


Good to hear I’m not alone, thank you.

I will raise a ticket.

Hi @Hootie & @Louie_Smith

By curiosity, are you processing as shown below?
I can’t reproduce your issues.

I confirm that’s the way to go and if it doesn’t behave as above, please open a ticket to Support about it.

Kind regards.

Yes, that is the way I add tabs and columns to my Excel sheets. I have also had success dropping in updated (no structure change) Excel files on top of the project file without error. I have only here recently been getting the never ending “please close Excel” when running the XP. It is hit or miss. This morning I added 2 columns to 6 sheets in an Excel AI. Composer chewed on it for what seemed like for ever, but then it seem to take. I ran the XP and any change to objects linked to the AI would pop-up the Close Excel box. I closed Composer and reopened the XP and it seems to run fine now.

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