Add config controls to a Javascript app running in web browser

apologies if this question has been asked before, Any help would be much appreciated!

I have written a number of javascript multi-touch applications that I am hosting on a personal server. I am able to use these in the web browser inside of Intuiface composer 6.7 and they work as expected.

I would like to make these apps configurable by users other than myself. The apps all have a config object that looks something like this:

let config = {
  someNumber: 30,
  someColour: '#4287f5'

Would it be possible to add controls (sliders, checkboxes, colour pickers etc) within Intuiface that can hook into this object in order to manipulate these values?

I can add controls within the app’s canvas element if needed, but having controls inside Intuiface would be preferable.


Hi Daniel and welcome to the Intuiface community!

Any webpage displayed through the Web Browser asset is like a black box to Intuiface. You won’t be able to communicate through the code in that page unless

  • Your webpage awaits some parameters in the URL and uses them to set these configuration variables. This would work when loading the web page, but wouldn’t be idea if you expect to change them dynamically from the Intuiface experience. Changing the URL would reload the page.
  • Or you setup a kind of API on your server (HTTP, websocket, …) and use API Explorer or a custom Interface Assets to send commands to that API.

Since Intuiface is a platform enabling to create multi-touch applications without coding, would you mind sharing more information about what you’re trying to achieve in your JS apps that you couldn’t do in Intuiface?
If you prefer to continue this in a private discussion, feel free to pm me here or just create a ticket with our support team.



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